Kuwaiti Government Plans To Remove Millions of Expats in the Next 7 Years

In the next 7 years, Kuwait is expected to implement a plan to cut off 1.5 million expatriates.

According to a local newspaper, Kuwait is planning to cut off the number of expatriates in the country to balance the number of Kuwaitis and expats.

Kuwaiti government’s legal body fatwa and legislative department are already asking opinions from other government agencies on the possible establishment of a national committee for the management of this demographic structure.

Once formally established, this committee will have the power to push through plans of making the Kuwaitis 50 percent of the total population while expats should not exceed the number.

As of the moment, there are about 3.244 million expatriates in Kuwait while Kuwaiti nationals are only 1.4 million, as surveyed by the Public Authority for Civil Authority (PACI).

Based on the figures, it is expected that 1.7 million expats will have to leave Kuwait in the next seven years, to meet with the suggested number of expats which is only 1.5 million.

The said committee also aims to reduce the number of the foreign community into 25 percent only to the total number of Kuwaiti population.

Once this gets implemented, expat communities like Indians (600,000) and Egyptians (300,000) will most likely get impacted. However, these cuts do not particularly involve the 650,000 foreign domestic helpers.

The government is also planning to ban the issuance of permits to those expats with university degrees for work in Kuwait unless they got “good grades”.

Source – KuwaitTimes


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