Agreement of Employment Between Kuwait and Philippines Gets Implemented

The previous year has become a tough year for Filipinos especially those who are aspiring to work as domestic helpers in Middle East countries particularly in Kuwait.

This is due to the deployment ban which was implemented by the Duterte government in line with the case of Joana Demafelis, a Filipina domestic helper whose life was taken by her employers. Though her employers were taken into police custody shortly after her abandoned cadaver was found inside the freezer in an abandoned apartment, the Philippines still managed to implement a total deployment ban in Kuwait.

The Philippines and Kuwaiti government signed an agreement to lift up the ban and strengthen the relationship of both countries.

On Jan 13, the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid of Kuwait and Foreign Minister Alan Peter Cayetano finally signed the agreement on the employment of the Filipino workers in the oil-rich country. The agreement is expected to be implemented in full force starting today.

Here are the things that are written in the agreement:

  • Any Kuwaiti employer should avoid keeping the personal documents and identifications of their Filipino domestic helper.
  • Filipino domestic helpers are entitled to proper food, clothing, housing, and registration in health
  • The employer is obliged to compensate their Filipino domestic helpers for any injuries acquired during work. If in case the worker dies, the employer is entitled to send the remains back to the Philippines and pay the full month salary of the deceased domestic helper as well as other benefits provided by the Kuwaiti law.
  • The Filipino domestic helper is entitled to have a mobile phone or any means of communication.
  • The Filipino domestic helper must have a bank account that the employer must open.


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