Pinoy #makeuptransformation Funny photo!


These are just examples of the trending meme #makeuptransformation both in twitter and instagram. The meme is basically about putting make up on, to look like somebody else or something else for that matter. Netizens countour the shape of their faces and add make up to make them look like their favorite celebrities. This started as women would post pictures of themselves “transforming” through a little or a lot of make up. With this, men started copying what women do on social media, and ending up with a sarcastic transformation.

As it started to go viral, it became more and more hilarious! Now, even women would post memes rather than the real make up transformation a lot of them do in real life.

Billy Crawford

Dwayne Johnson ” The Rock “

Ramon Bautista ” Pogi Problems “


Piolo Pascual

Ara Mina

Arnold Clavio


Mark Baustista

If you are on instagram try to search #makeuptransformation

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Credit to Viral4real

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