Filipino Inmate Serving 20 Years Of Jail Time Kuwait Set To Be Released Soon

KUWAIT – Filipino inmate who has been imprisoned for 20 years after committing murder to a Bangladesh national.

Joseph Urbiztondo, sentenced to life imprisonment, successfully got his Amiri pardon after paying blood money and acquiring a letter of forgiveness (tanazul) from the victim’s son. Renato Pedro O Villa, Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait, confirmed the release of Urbiztondo.

Urbiztondo heartfully thanked the people who helped in his released. The 45 year-old man, who came from Bacoor, Cavite allegedly killed a Bangladesh national last July 6, 1996 and he was sentenced to 25 years of jail time.

In a phone conversation, Urbiztondo is crying out of happiness. In the past years, he kept on asking the Philippine government and several individuals to help him with his blood money. But last 2012, a fund drive was launched by David Des Dicang, raise money for the blood money of Urbiztondo. Through the effort of the Philippine Embassy, Bangladesh Government and non-government organizations, they were able to track the location of the victim’s son. He then demanded blood money amounting to US$26,000. But the blood money which was already raised is short of $6,000. With the help of anonymous donors, they were able to collect additional $6,000.

A ceremonial to turn over the blood money was done in the presence of Ambassador Villa last Sept. 16, 2015. The Tanazul was signed by the victim’s son. Urbiztondo was returning home to his family in the Philippines anytime soon.

Watch below video credit to ABS-CBN News

Source (s) Bandila,Arabtimeonline,ABS-CBN

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