Filipina Allegedly Abducted Inside Kuwait Airport

A Filipina who was at the Kuwait airport was forcedly placed inside a car before driving off a deserted area. It is unclear why she was kidnapped remained unclear.

However, according to reports, the Filipina was $exually @bused by the airport personnel before dropping her back to the airport where they originally met.

Upon gaining the chance to reach for her sponsor, the Filipina told her encounter and her employer pressed charges to the airport staff. The case was already referred to the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation but the names of the people involved were not revealed.

Authorities are expecting to shed light on the incident through the help of the surveillance cameras which are all over the area. They are expecting to identify the accused and the footage should serve as proof for their ongoing investigation.

It remains a mystery why the Filipina was abducted as she was already inside the airport. Further investigation is expected.


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