LOOK: Filipinos Flock At Kuwait Airport To Take Advantage Of The Amnesty Program

Amidst the global pandemic, the government of Kuwait grants amnesty for irregular migrants starting April 1 until April 30.

Undocumented migrants or those who overstayed their visas will be allowed to leave the country even without settling their fines. They will also be allowed to re-enter Kuwait in the future.

Image Source Kuwait Times

Filipinos who were among those who availed Kuwait’s amnesty program flocked at the Kuwait International Airport Terminal 4 on April 3, 2020. They are set to return to Manila and into their respective provinces.

“For systematic documentation, illegal expats were at first, requested to submit themselves at a school compound in Farwaniya arranged according to nationalities. Philippines 1-5/4/2020, Egypt 6-10/4/2020, India 11-15/4/2020, Bangladesh 16-20/4/2020, Sri Lanka 21-25/4/2020, other nationalities 26-30/4/2020,” stated in Kuwait Times Facebook post.

Image Source Kuwait Times

SEE DETAILS Expats can leave Kuwait without fine from Apr 1 to Apr 30,2020

For those migrants with administrative or criminal cases, they are encouraged to check their status if they are already allowed to leave the country. Those with travel bans will not be eligible to avail of this amnesty.

Some migrants are eligible for regularization and they will only have to pay the fine. These migrants include domestic workers and those who became irregular starting March 1, 2020. Spouses, children, and parents of Kuwaiti nationals are also eligible for this regularization. It is very important to take advantage of this amnesty as irregular workers who won’t leave the country during the amnesty period will be forcedly deported and banned from entering Kuwait in the future.

Source (s ) Migrant Rights, Kuwait Times  

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