Filipina and Sri Lankan Domestic Helpers Found Dead Inside Room Due to Suffocation

Coils appear as black rock releasing energy when it is burned. Who’d have thought that this thing commonly used in cooking food or as a source of electricity is actually dangerous to the human body.

In Kuwait, two domestic workers were found dead inside their sponsor’s house in Sabal Al Nasser area.

Reports confirmed that the bodies were from a Sri Lankan and a Filipina maid. They reportedly died due to suffocation when charcoal was burned inside a closed room.

When their sponsor noticed that the two maids were not responding to their calls, the door to their rooms was forcefully opened. It was then that they were found unresponsive inside the room.

According to preliminary investigation coming from the evidence gathered by the forensics, they have indicated suffocation as the cause of death which is from the coal burned inside the closed room of the victims.

Aside from the fact that burning coal causes damage to the environment, it also impacts the health and safety of humans. Some of the health concerns brought by coal-burning are asthma, difficulty breathing, heart problems, brain damage, cancer, neurological disorders, and even premature death.

Source Indianinkuwait

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