Ease on Quarantine Restrictions Set For Vaccinated Kuwaitis

On May 22, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) mandated that individuals who already got their COVID-19 vaccines or those who already recovered from the virus will not be placed in quarantine facilities.

Travelers exempted from the quarantine according to the DGCA are individuals who had their first dose of the vaccine two weeks before they came to the country. Additionally, people who recovered from the virus for the past 90 days will also be exempted.

“All travelers should provide a PCR test certificate with a negative result, and this certificate should be produced at least 72 hours before the flight time. Travelers should also pay for one PCR test through the ‘Kuwaitmosafer’ platform before boarding the plane,” says Saad Al-Otaibi, spokesman of DGCA.

Furthermore, passengers will still have to undergo a quarantine period for three days upon arrival and must also carry out a PCR test within those days. Once tested negative, the passenger will be allowed to exit the quarantine site.

Kuwaiti citizens and their companions (father, mother, husband, wife, and children) and their domestic helpers, will be banned from exiting Kuwait unless they get vaccinated with either of these vaccines – Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer-BionTech, AstraZeneca-Oxford, and Moderna.

Source TimesKuwait

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