Filipina Becomes a Victim Of Forged Signature in Kuwait By A Filipina Friend

Unaware that she is renting a flat in Kuwait, a Filipina was summoned for not paying her dues which eventually landed her in a legal battle.

But the Filipina claims that she became a victim of a swindling operation and that her name and signature were used by her friend in renting a flat and not paying its rent.

She asked for the help of the Salmiya police in Kuwait after she was informed that she was not paying rent for two years.

As it turns out, the building caretaker together with a Filipina compatriot was involved in the said incident. When these people were summoned by the police department, they confessed that they forged the signature of the victim alongside some important documents. It was only when court summons reached the Filipina that she became aware of the case that she will be facing.

The Filipina who happened to forged the signature of the victim was her friend. She attached the forged signature into the rental contract without the knowledge of the other Filipina.

Source Arabtimes

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