Kuwait Allows Entry of Non-Vaccinated Expats

Kuwait is allowing the entry of non-vaccinated expats into the country.

In the most recent circular issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, non-vaccinated expats passengers will now be allowed to enter Kuwait as long as they can provide a negative PCR test.

It can be recalled that the entry of non-vaccinated passengers is only allowed for Kuwaiti citizens only. But recently, this mandate was revised and the DGCA issued a new circular allowing the entry of ‘All Passengers’, vaccinated or not, in Kuwait.

In line with this, expats who are not vaccinated with vaccines that are not approved by the health ministry in Kuwait can still enter the country starting today, February 20. They only have to submit a negative PCR test that must be taken 72 hours before their flight to Kuwait.

Although this has created confusion it was cleared out later on after the minister removed a couple of travel restrictions among arriving passengers. Non-vaccinated passengers or those who are vaccinated with vaccines that are not approved by the Kuwait health ministry will have to undergo a PCR examination 72 hours before their flight. They also need to have a home quarantine for 7 days upon their arrival to the country.

However, those passengers who had their second dose of vaccine nine months ago but were yet to have a booster dose will not have to take a PCR test before they can enter Kuwait. All they need to do is to complete a home quarantine which will take 7 days upon their arrival.

Fully vaccinated passengers or those who got a complete dose of the vaccine including the booster doses and those who recently recovered from COVID-19 in the past three months will not be required to undergo a PCR test and home quarantine as well.

See summary below

Kuwait will adopt on passengers of all nationalities starting from Feb. 20, 2022
Fully vaccinated:
  1. No PCR prior to arrival.
  2. No PCR on arrival.
  3. No quarantine after arrival.
Partially vaccinated:
  1. No PCR prior to arrival.
  2. Must quarantine for seven days that can be ended with a negative PCR test done upon arrival.
  1. Must carry out a PCR test not more than 72 hours prior to arrival.
  2. Must quarantine for seven days and carry out a PCR test on the seventh day, and can leave quarantine if the result comes back negative.
  1. Children under 16 are exempt from the procedures

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