Senate Continues To Argue on the Ban of Filipino Domestic Workers To Kuwait and Other Gulf Countries

A proposal to ban Filipino domestic workers from being exported to countries where sponsorship is practiced is being discussed in the Philippines’ Senate, according to Al-Rai daily, clearly referring to Gulf states (including Kuwait) and other Middle Eastern countries.

After Senator Raffy Tulfo reviewed a report on the alleged abuse of Filipino maids abroad, Senate Minority Leader Koko Pimentel put forth the proposal during an open session.

As the new chair of the Committee on Migrant Employment, Senator Tulfo reviewed the report. In line with the report, Tulfo was able to present a

Senator Tulfo reviewed that report as chair of a new committee created in the Philippine Senate, the “Committee on Migrant Employment.”

In the video, Filipino domestic workers who appeared to be working in Kuwait and other Gulf countries were seen crying as they explain how they suffered at the hands of their employers due to physical abuse, psychological abuse, harassment, or unpaid wages.

A heated argument arose when Senator Pimentel angrily asked;

“Now, in light of this report, should we decide in the future to ban sending our domestic workers to certain other countries, especially those that practice the sponsorship system? Every mistake and every unfortunate incident of abuse leads to the destruction of the life of a Filipino.”

Several deputies immediately supported Pimentel’s proposal. However, Senator Tulfo recommended that the procedures should begin with a strict policy on violations of Philippine agencies specializing in the deportation and employment of immigrants.

“Once an agency has been found guilty of abuse, it should be written off immediately,” Tulfo said. “I will work to ensure that the owners of these agencies do not return to work, even under new names.”

However, according to Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, “the performance of members of the Philippine diplomatic missions operating in those countries should also be monitored.” The deputies were also called to intensify the coordination and cooperation between governments, especially those who are under the “sponsorship countries” as this will lead to greater protection for Filipino domestic workers.

Source Arab times

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