[BEWARE] ‘Pay Cash To Avoid Curses’ Text Scam kuwait.


Baka isa sa inyo nakakatanggap din ng ganito ingat ingat po mga kabayan.

According to Arabtimes 

Many people in Kuwait have recently been receiving text messages on their mobile phones through which they are being demanded to pay KD 500 in order to avoid ‘curses’ on them or any of their family members.
Sheikh Khalid Al-Ghareeb explained that it is not possible to perform sorcery or black magic on individuals using their pictures obtained from social networking websites, their names or the names of their family members. He urged people to avoid becoming victims to such trickery, which are aimed to fool people and swindle them.
Meanwhile, security authorities have been observing certain users of social networking websites who are suspected of being involved in such activities, affirming that they are all from outside Kuwait, mostly from the African continent.

Via : Arabtimes


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