OFW STORY – The Habibis ( TonyandFriends ) Pinoy Band in Kuwait

11078072_940816155953380_133449230_nBAND RECAP.

Being miles away from the native land leavin ur footsteps behind, leavin those happy and downs of unforgettable memories were quite amazing as the four combination of talents gathered together accidentally to push its way on one purpose.As the saying goes ”

As the saying goes “walang mawawala kapag itatry eh malay nyo di ba?” No one holding the future of individual careers even MADAM AURING will surely pinpoint saying “positive ang aurang nararamdaman ko sayo,good vibes iho!” eh kesa nga naman magkakalyo’t mapudpod ang kamay kakagawa ng walang kamatayang hamburger at eto ang bubulaga lagi kataga. ”

“Oh yalla surra shukol mal habibi” (O xa cge na bilisan natin trabaho kaibigan). Since each of the

Since each of the member encountering spiritual guidance longin on the emptiness within joining and attending bible studies was the key where they introduce itself and thats the acquaintance was.


(JUNE,PETER,LA) Jamin together during offs with other Mcdonalds music enthusiast in the studio(Fintas 5) the main factor where they met TONY the drummer and the lost ingredients mixed up done to serve a hot chili song like their single “REPLY KA NAMAN, NEGATIB, MABUTI PA SA PINAS ” etc. were some of the songs extracted wayback 2009 to be specific.




Eventually during JUNE (tamodee) hotel work accidentaly bumped up with the hotest guitar shredder from SAUDI ARABIA checkin in at his former hotel then became acquainted in the name of PAYUPS (Katol) then met up with peter (Jack Cool).


AKA – jack kool



Upon the absence of LA (toychits meryenda) and TONY (drumer) they reformed the band with baptist subname “THE HABIBIS” arises.And now we present to you the modern version of the defunct 80’s THE HAGIBIS (name inspired) sensation with the influences of mid east ARABALOG variety parodies music.


AKA- tamodee


Now, the time has come the meal was well done callin “sustain” with OPA ARAB STYLE, IPIS, RAID-RAID SHOW,CHAPATI, HABIBI NOW, ABRUDE,ITLOG NA NAMAN ANG ULAM and the newest MUSHKILA by the late king of novelty “Yoyoy Villame ” parody.

Recovery for the sake of majority listeners “THE HABIBIS TONYANDFRIENDS” are here to serve you with a smile and real lives working abroad real life experiences.Ciao!- JUNE aka TAMODEE #Thehabibis #Mushkila #Tonyandfriends

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