VIDEO: OFW survives fall off 4-storey building, employer suspected of pushing her

Melirose Balagosa is just another Filipino whose photo went viral, but not in the best of ways.

According to the person who posted her photo on Facebook, Balagosa died after falling off a four-storey building in Kuwait on October 6.

Amina (not her real name) was one of the people who first saw Melirose. She said she wanted to help Melirose, but she was afraid that she might suffer consequences from the Kuwaiti police.

Melirose’s jaw was shattered, and blood was flowing out of her ears, according to Amina.

Fortunately, Melirose survived the harrowing affair. The video taken shows her moaning and crying for help upon falling.

According to Amina, the police and the ambulance arrived at the scene immediately.

Melirose arrived in Kuwait on December 2014. The 25-year-old single mother hailed from Iloilo City. She is currently confined in the intensive care unit (ICU) a hospital in Kuwait.

With the help of a representative from the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait and from Melirose’s agency, her cousin Leona was able to visit her in the ICU.

Leona shared how she wanted to cry and embrace her cousin. However, she was thankful that Melirose survived the fall.

Melirose’s relatives believe that she was pushed by her employer off the building, but they are thankful that she has a high chance of recovery.

Leona shared that Melirose’s mandible part was damaged and that her knees and feet are fractured, but the doctor said the CT scans show that she will be able to recover.

The doctors operated on Melirose and she continues to be confined in the ICU.

Melirose’s friends and relatives created a Facebook page called Justice for Melirose ‘Mel’ Balagosa. Leona said that they will seek justice for her cousin so that it will not happen again to other overseas Filipino workers.

The Philippine Embassy, meanwhile, promised that they will prioritize Melirose’s case to find out the true cause of her fall.


Source : ABS-CBN News


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