[VIDEO] Pinay OFW in Kuwait Teach her “Alaga” How to sing and speak Tagalog!

It’s common knowledge that Filipinos working abroad, especially in the Middle East, don’t always have it easy. Aside from being away from home and speaking a different language, OFWs work longer hours and usually experience unfair treatment from their employers.

But that is not always the case. Some OFWs find kind employers who treat them like family.
In a video going viral, there is a video of a Filipino nanny teaching the children of her employee how to respect others, as well as teaching them to speak and sing Filipino songs. It can be seen one of the girls greeting “Kamusta?” at the camera while the other girl is fixing the nanny’s hair.
The trio then proceeded to belt out a Filipino song, and it seems that the girls understand what they are singing. Their nanny has taught them well.




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