OFW Story : An Eye Opener Email to our fellow OFWs in Kuwait

Dear Admin of PSK,
I just want to share my thoughts on our embassy here in Kuwait and the increasing numbers of OFWs in Kuwait. And pls post this email as an eye opener to our fellow OFWs. God Bless!
I am an OFW working here for more than 11 years now under visa 18. And I have witnessed the different administrations of our Phil Embassy over the years. I am very happy with the recent administration as they are very active and they are more visible in the public. I would like to commend our Ambassador Renato Villa, Consul Gen Raul Dado and Lab Att Cesar Chavez and their team for their excellent work in helping OFWs with legal issues. However, as much as they are trying their best to solve or shed light to each cases filed by OFWs, it is quite impossible to attend to all cases as there are only a handful of staff in the legal department. They are really working so hard but I see that their resources are not sufficient. Nandun na yong effort and concern sa mga complainants, pero kulang lng sa mga tauhan. Halimbawa na lng sa legal department, iilan lng ang lawyers nila compared to the number of pending cases. Hindi na nila kayang mag follow up sa mga kaso kasi nga nagka patong patong na. At karamihan sa mga kaso na ito ay mga maltreatment (pang-aabuso), mga problema sa shoon (which needed much attention) kasi pag na file na ang case sa shoon, ang kawawang OFW has no work while waiting for the results. At ang minimum waiting period is about 6months. Diyos ko po! Paano na ang padala sa pinas??!! How can the OFW sustain himself/herself within that time na walang sahod?
Filipino workers in Kuwait are increasing rapidly. Filipinos are now top 5 expat workers in Kuwait. Reaching almost 75,000 in total (men and women). However, this number is expected to rise as Kuwait has stopped issuing working visas to other countries like Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal and Indonesia. This is good news to us as more OFWs will be given more job opportunities. For sure the increase in workforce will also lead to an increase in legal issues Kailangan merong measures ang embahada natin para mabigyang lunas ang mga ganitong problema. They need to be serious in finding ways to have a better and more efficient legal department to cater to a wider scope of OFWs in distress. Even some manpower agencies are complaining too much kasi may mga pending cases pa sila na hindi pa natutugunan nga embahada natin. And as a result their files are being blocked.Suspended muna sila at di na magka pagpasa nga new job orders. Hindi ko sinasabi na walang ginagawa ang embahada natin, di lng talaga nila kayang matutukan lahat ng kaso in the shortest possible time.
Lalo na Ngayon that Consul Gen Raul Dado will be leaving soon. I just hope and pray that the incoming official be as active as he is now. Sana kagaya niya na may puso sa mga kababayan natin.
Sa tingin nyo kabayan…ano kaya ang pwedeng gawin ng gobyerno natin at ng Phil Embassy para ma asikaso ng mabilisan at ma aksyonan ang mga kasong naka binbin sa shoon at sa mga korte?
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