2016 New Labor laws in Kuwait

This 2016, the New Kuwait Labor Law will take affect according to Public Authority for Manpower (PAM). The contract has new set of guidelines that will regulate sponsor-worker relations in the private sector.

Specifics of the New Kuwait Labor Law include;

  • Subject for renewal with approval of both sponsor and employer
  • 100 day probation period which the contract could be terminated by either side without prior notice.
  • Eight (8) hours work limit with one (1) hour break.
  • Monthly payment cannot be reduced during the contract period, which may be up to five (5) years.
  • Fully paid annual leave for at least nine (9) months in  the first year.
  • Mandatory act by the sponsor to pay the expenses of a returning worker to his / her country on concluding the contract and departing Kuwait.
  • Mandatory act of the employer to pay the worker’s health insurance, ensure his / her safety from work hazards and give labor indemnity.
  • Defines the laws and courts applicable in case of disputes.
  • Arabic is the reference language in case of legal disputes.
  • Includes a preliminary clause that defines both parties, the job a worker is hired to do in Kuwait, and both sides’ capacities.
  • Allows the possibility of adding special clauses.
  • Obliges the employer to make three copies of the contract – one for each party and one to be deposited with the manpower authority.

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