Expats Allowed To Enter Kuwait As Long As They Meet These Requirements

The General Administration of Residency Affairs recently announced that expats with valid residence visa can now enter Kuwait as long as they can secure the necessary requirements mandated by the Ministry of Interior.

According to the General Residency Affairs they already contradicted the ongoing rumors stating that those expats staying outside Kuwait and cannot enter the country until December 31, will be barred from returning. They tagged these rumors as purely false.

The regulation in which expats with valid residency, even though they are outside the country, can renew their permit online, and physical appearance at the residency affairs department is not needed anymore.

“Everyone who has valid residency is entitled to enter regardless of age, but health requirements must be met, especially for nationals of the 34 banned countries have to stay in the non-banned country for 14 days before entering Kuwait. in current situations elderly people should avoid traveling to protect themselves from getting infected with coronavirus,” says the General Residency Affairs on the question whether expats 60 years old and above are prevented from entering Kuwait.

According to sources, all residency types can be renewed online, particularly Article 22. Parents with children studying abroad are insured that the residency of their children will not be canceled despite staying outside Kuwait for more than six months.

The agency also reminded expats to check the validity of their passports to ensure that there are no troubles met in the future.

Source Arab times


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