Kuwait Dinar to Peso Exchange rate today only is 170 April 1,2016

According to www.exchangerates.org.uk summary page, detailing 180 days of KWD PHP historical data from Thursday 8/10/2015 to Wednesday 30/03/2016.

The highest is  159.4195 PHP on 14 Feb 2016.Average: 155.5829 PHP over this period.Lowest: 151.4225 PHP on 12 Oct 2015.

Did you Know that Kuwait is the top 1 highest currency in the word.Check below the top 10


List of Top 10 Highest Value Currencies in the World

Rank Country Name Currency Equal to Dollars
1  Kuwait  Dinar  3.54
2  Bahrain  Dinar  2.63
3  Oman  Rial  2.57
4  Latvia  Lats  1.93
5  United Kingdom  Pound  1.54
6  Gibraltar  Pound  1.54
7  Jordan  Dinar  1.42
8  European Union  Euro  1.33
9  Azerbaijan  Manat  1.31
10  Switzerland  Franc  1.11


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