Three Indians Who Kill3d Pinay in Kuwait Sentenced Life Imprisonment Without Parole

Three Indian nationalities are facing life imprisonment after kill!ng a Filipino woman in Kuwait.

According to Manorama website, the three suspects were identified as Tijo Thomas, Ajith Augustine and another man only known as Tufail. However, because of lack of evidence, the three who was from the Indian State of Kerala, was freed as stated by the criminal and appeals court.

On February 2014, a fire took place in Farwaniya, Kuwait, where a multi-story apartment complex got burnt out. Later on, a cadaver was found inside the building belonging to a Filipino national.

The prosecution stated that the three men strangulated the Filipina until she passed away then set her apartment on fire to destroy any form of evidence.

In the initial findings of investigators, it was found out that the blaze caused the woman to pass away. However, as the forensic examination came out, it was found out that the woman was no longer alive for three days before the fire broke out.

Evidences found in the scene has led to the Keralite youths, who were working at a bakery. It was later found out that Ajith borrowed money from the Filipina, who used to be a money lender that changes interest.

It is said that Ajith decided to end the life of the woman to avoid his debts and his friends helped him perpetrate the crime.

Although the lower court finds insufficient evidence, the Supreme Court sentenced the three suspects to life imprisonment without parole.

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Fire in Farwaniya , Kuwait Reported by Tariq Rasool

Posted by Kuwait UPTO DATE on Wednesday, October 29, 2014


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