Kuwait Imposes KD100 Fine To Participants of “Kiki Dance Challenge”

No more ‘Kiki’ dance challenge. In Kuwait, religious scholars warned the public not to participate in this challenge because it is forbidden by law and the religion. Potential dangers were also seen as participants leave their moving cars in the middle of the road while they dance to the song “In My Feelings” by Canadian Singer Drake.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Haji Al Kurdi, Member of the Fatwa Board in Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, stressed out the dangers of participating in this challenge and tagged it as both illegal and dangerous. Hamoud Al-Qasha’an, Dean of the College of Social Sciences at Kuwait University, is calling a campaign to tackle the issue of the growing number of citizens doing the said dance challenge.

Captain Abdullah Bu Hassan of the Interior Ministry also advised the public not to do the challenge or they will end up paying a fine worth KD100 and three months imprisonment. With this hefty fine and punishment, officers are eager to stop this dance challenge as soon as possible.

Those “Kiki” Dance Challenge videos which have gone online clearly violated the Traffic Law, said Brigadier Tawheed Al-Kandari, Director General of Public Relations and Security Media General Department in the Ministry of Interior. As a punishment, the vehicle of the owner of the video shall be impounded and a citation will be released to the motorist.

It is better safe than sorry. Do not do the “Kiki Dance Challenge” in Kuwait.

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