Kuwait Having Talks With India, Ethiopia To Supply Domestic Helpers After Philippine’s Partial Ban

Due to the recent partial deployment ban imposed by the Philippines, Kuwait is looking for other means to supply the need of household service workers by sourcing from countries like India, Nepal, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

According to Dr. Mubarak Al-Azmi of the Public Manpower Authority, the Ethiopian delegation will possibly send domestic workers to Kuwait furthermore, Kuwait is creating a new set of rules when it comes to hiring domestic workers to prevent similar problems with Philippines from reoccurring.

It is said that Kuwaiti authorities were blinded by the passing of JeanelynVillavende until the news broke out on several social media sites. There was no official letter received by Kuwaiti officials over the incident.

As per the issue concerning the Filipina domestic helper, the Kuwaiti authorities already launched an investigation towards the incident. It was later found out that a complaint was indeed sent to the recruiter/labor office with issues regarding her unpaid salaries.

Talks between the Philippines and Kuwait are still going on ‘clear-cut solutions’ that can be beneficial to both countries is yet to be determined.

Since Kuwait and the Philippines already signed an agreement to protect the welfare of Filipino domestic helpers, the passing of Villavende clearly indicates that the said agreement was not followed. via Arabtimesonline


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