LOOK: More Than 270 OFWs Repatriated From Kuwait

More than 270 Filipinos were sent back to the Philippines from a deportation center in Kuwait.

According to a report by Kuwait Times, 270 Filipino were repatriated from Talha deportation in Kuwait. Most of these OFWs are runaway domestic helpers who were not able to finish their employment contracts and could have been subjected to bad treatment among their employers.

The repatriation proceedings are an effort by both the Philippine Embassy Shelter and the POLO OWWA, Kuwaiti Government arranges the trip an incurred the travel expenses of all the deportees.

In a series of photos that were posted online, a number of OFWs were seen carrying their luggage while at the International airport in Kuwait.

According to the Arab Times, the Philippines had accepted the return of each citizen after it requested to provide them with the health certificate  (PRC ) which shows that they are free from the coronavirus.

It can be recalled that the Philippine government implemented a total deployment ban of Filipino workers to Kuwait due to the growing number of Filipinos being treated badly by the Kuwaiti employers. However, the rift has been resolved after a harmonized employment contract was signed by both countries and the perpetrators of JeanelynVillavende, the OFW who passed away in the hands of her employer, were imprisoned and facing trial.

Moreover, Kuwait is facing trials as cases of COVID-19 patients keep on rising in the country. They started the shutting down establishments and schools to prevent the spread of the pandemic that’s been taking a toll all over the world.

Kuwait repatriated more than 270 Filipinos, many of whom had been in detention in Talha deportation center. Most of…

Posted by Kuwait Times on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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