5 Buildings in Mahboula Under Medical Supervision Due To COVID-19

20 new cases were recorded in Kuwait, including Filipinos.

The Ministry of Health in Kuwait registered another 20 COVID-19 patients as of today, Mar. 20. It is said that 4 foreign nationals were among the new cases including Somalians, Indians, Bangladeshi, and Filipinos. There are also two Kuwaitis infected by the disease.

“Yesterday people who came in contact increased to record 12 cases in one day and this type of infection cases associated with them so far is 21 cases, of which 19 cases are among the 3 expatriate nationalities that are considered one of the largest communities in the country which may be a challenge for health authorities to handle,” Arab Times wrote in a report.

Additionally, other cases of novel coronavirus were found in a residential building situated in Mahboula. This includes an Indian technician who works for a private company.

It is said that these workers came in contact with more than 600 people. The health ministry is already taking the precautionary measure to deal with these cases.

“The sources revealed that one of the three Indian nationalities is among the cases of epidemiological investigation, working as a tailor and transmitting the infection to 3 of the same nationality, as the Indian technician transmitted the infection to three other, and a Bangladeshi infection working in an industrial area transferred the infection to other 3 also,” the Arab Times reported.

The 8 infected individuals have a different home addresses. Additionally, they have no known relationship with each other.

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