Kuwait Sets Up Gradual Return To Normal Life Plan

Below is the plan by level for Kuwait to bring back the normal life. Please note that dates starting from level 2  are just estimated only.

Level 0 – Full Lockdown
What we just completed.


Level 1 – 6 AM to 6 PM ( 3 Weeks ) 31st of May
Stablishments like mosques, restaurants (delivery and drive-thru), courier and delivery services, laundromats, fuel stations, private clinics, garages, car washes, and car dealerships.

Level 2 – 6 AM to 9 PM ( 3 Weeks ) 21st of June
Stablishments like banks,  remittances, malls (10 AM to 6 PM), 30% of government and private sector, retail stores, restaurants takeaway, parks.

Level 3 – No curfew  ( 3 Weeks ) 12th of July
50% of the government and private sector back to work, hotels, and resorts, Taxis with 1 passenger, Friday prayer at mosques.

Level 4 – No curfew ( 3 Weeks ) 2nd of August
More than 50% of the government and private sectors will go back to regular work. Restaurants will also offer to dine in options as long as social distancing is properly observed. Public transportation will also open

Level 5 – No curfew ( 3 Weeks ) 23rd of August
Stablishments like diwaniyas, social gatherings, weddings, events, gyms, conferences, hairdressers, spas, sports, and cinemas.

Again keep praying and follow the rules.

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