Do’s and Don’ts Inside the Kuwait Airport Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic

On August 1, the Supreme Committee mandated for the resume of arrival and departure flights under the protocols approved by the Ministry of Health in Kuwait.

A medical certificate from the Ministry of Health will be given to passengers departing Kuwait to testify that they are free from COVID-19. This certificate is not free of charge.

The number of outgoing and incoming flights will also be distributed equally among airlines to better meet the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health. There will be no meals for short flights and will only be available for long flights. A pre-enclosed food pack will be given to these passengers.

Handbags are also not allowed as carry-on luggage inside the aircraft. There will be an isolated area allocated to those who are under suspected cases and people who had close contact with them.

For Arrivals:

  • Secure a PCR Health Certificate – this proves that you are negative of COVID-19
  • Sign a Commitment Pledge to the Ministry of Health that you adhered to the institutional or domestic quarantine
  • 10% random PCR examination of the total passengers for every flight
  • Passengers are required to wear face masks and gloves. They should also undergo a temperature check before their boarding and arrival.

For Departures:

  • Passengers departing the country should secure a health certificate to ensure that they are negative of COVID-19
  • The ground service companies situated at the airport are responsible for providing health certificates for departing passengers
  • Passengers are requested to follow health requirements such as wearing masks, gloves, and to always maintain social distancing.

Rules To Be Followed By The Airport Staff

  • Employees will be examined twice daily
  • Thermal cameras will be the one to carry out the examination. Staff with 37.5 degrees Celsius and above will not be allowed to board the aircraft
  • The number of employees in the same place shall be reduced
  • Unnecessary meetings and activities that encourage large crowds will not be allowed
  • Employees will be distributed in every department to work as a team
  • Employee breaks and intervals will be limited
  • Employees will be provided with housing for physical separation and self-isolation

Passenger Terminal

  • There will be a thermal checkpoint at the entrances of the airport
  • Thermal cameras will carry out the examination. People with 37.5 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to enter
  • Only travelers and employees are allowed to enter the airport. Those who want to book their tickets will also be allowed inside.
  • It is advised not to have companions, except those with special needs and the elderly
  • Those who did not have their pledge 24 hours before their arrival will not be allowed entry
  • Worship places will be closed until further notice

Travel Check-in Area

  • As much as possible, avoid the trolley service. Use it if necessary
  • A transparent barrier is prepared to separate travelers and employees at the registration counter
  • Airport employees and crew are instructed to limit their contact with passengers
  • Approaching passengers face to face will not be allowed
  • Passengers are requested to use masks and gloves when traveling.

Access Procedures

  • The examination will be done on arriving passengers
  • Trolley service is not encouraged to be used
  • Passengers will be provided with luggage services
  • Home delivery services will be provided

Transit Area

  • Electronic payment methods are highly recommended
  • Merchandise services are prevented
  • Travelers are encouraged to pre-purchased goods
  • Children’s play areas are closed

For Restaurants and Cafes

  • They are cleaned twice a day
  • Sanitizing baths are being used
  • Electronic payments are used
  • Buffets are not allowed

Source Arab times 


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