Stranded Filipino Nurses Appeal To Be Allowed Entry To Kuwait

An appeal for re-entry – this is the cry of the stranded Filipino staff employed at the Kuwait Ministry of Health. They are appealing for help from the Ministry of Health (MOH) and other similar government agencies in Kuwait.

The said appeal was brought up after 116 stranded Indian nurses were allowed to return to Kuwait despite the imposed ban to 34 countries which includes the Philippines and India.

It can be recalled that Kuwait has banned 34 countries that obtained a high number of recorded cases of COVID-19. However, exemptions were given as long the ex-pat can stay in another country which is not included in the ban list for 14 days. After that, they will be allowed to enter Kuwait, as long as the required PCR test turns to be negative of COVID-19.

Earlier in July, the group of Filipino nurses already sought the help of the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait and a letter was already sent to the MOH in Kuwait. But, until this present date, the stranded nurses are yet to receive a letter allowing them to return to the country.

According to reports, these Filipino nurses who were supposed to work in Kuwait had been stranded in the Philippines for more than 6 months after the imposition of the ban. Some of them couldn’t renew their visa. About 80 staff, as well as their dependents, are awaiting the approval of the Kuwaiti government so they can travel back and resume their work.

Source Gulf News

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