Kuwait Cracks Down Illegal Activities During Ramadan

Kuwait is intensifying its efforts to crack down on illegal activities throughout the country.

About 2,100 expatriates composed of Asian and Arab nationalities were intercepted by the police during this holy month of Ramadan. These people were involved in numerous activities such as gambling and begging for alms. These activities are considered immoral according to the Residence Affairs and Security Investigation departments of the Ministry of Interior.

Image from Arabtimes

The arrested individuals were taken by CID men who were able to receive information regarding the said activities and beggars were also caught in the act.

As for the beggars who were personally caught pleading for alms were taken to the Administrative Deportation Department. Their names were also listed on the list of people who are unauthorized to enter Kuwait again. This procedure is similar to those mandated for expats who were caught violating the residence law.

Meanwhile, the Department of Protection of Public Morals and Combating Trafficking in Persons arrested seven women and a man over their participation in doing immoral acts. These individuals were caught near Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh. Another set of violators composed of 17 men and a woman were arrested near Farwaniya over allegations of fraud.

Source Arab times

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