Gangs in Kuwait Encourages Maids To Flee From Their Sponsors For A Much Higher Hourly Rate

Recently, reports are stating that domestic helpers are escaping from their sponsors after being offered hourly jobs that let them earn more compared to their current salaries.

According to sources, a group of Asian nationals has been luring domestic workers into fleeing from their sponsors to work at an hourly rate where they can earn more salary compared to working in a household with Kuwaiti families. It is said that this group is communicating thru Facebook and WhatsApp.

Because of this, an alarming number of domestic workers are starting to bargain with their employers for them to “pay more or they leave work.”

Alarming as it is, there are even some embassies of certain countries who encourage these domestic workers to flee from their sponsors to work on this hourly rate scheme. This has inflicted stress and huge costs to Kuwaiti families as they stressed that there are “certain embassies encourage the maids to flee to employ them for part-time with other families.”

It is said that these runaway domestic helpers are housed inside old homes or building and send them to work on an hourly basis, while gang members are paid a percentage of the maid’s salary.

Authorities are being requested to resolve this issue as soon as possible to avoid similar occurrences in the future.

Source Arabtimes

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