Additional Requirements Needed By Expats in Kuwait To Recruit Filipino Domestic Workers

A vast number of Filipinos are now being employed in Kuwait to work as domestic workers after months of deployment ban and Kuwait’s problem in the domestic industry.

If there are no issues when it comes to Kuwaitis recruiting Filipino domestic workers aside from the minimum salary requirement, it is a different situation for expatriates living in Kuwait and wanting to hire a Filipino domestic helper.

According to reports, expats who want to hire a Filipino domestic worker will need to secure approval from their sponsor and the expat must have a minimum salary of KD2,500.

Meanwhile, Philippine Ambassador to Kuwait Mohamed Noureddine Lomondot shrug reports that expat families are not allowed to employ Filipino domestic workers tagging it as fake news. Lomondot confirmed that such decisions were not made but expats will have to comply with certain conditions before they can hire Filipino house workers.

Some of the additional documents needed by non-expats are the certificate from the resident’s sponsor agreeing to the expat sponsoring a Filipino domestic worker. Another certificate of salary is also needed just to ensure that the expat can fulfill his financial obligations to the domestic worker.

Lomondot specified that this move is not to discriminate expats but to address the issues encountered for the past few years.

Source TimesKuwait

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