5 Categories Exempted From Kuwait Travel Ban

According to the decision held by the council of ministers, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation announced that AstraZenca, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna vaccines will be allowed in Kuwait.

This mandate means that travelers going inside the country will need to be vaccinated in any of these vaccines. Kuwaitis together with their first-degree relatives (i.e. husband, wife children) cannot exit the country without getting a jab of these vaccines.

But there are categories that are deemed exempt from the said circular. These categories include;

  • Kuwaiti citizens who hold a valid reason from the Ministry of Health not to be vaccinated because of certain health reasons.
  • Kuwaiti citizens who are pregnant and holds a valid pregnancy certificate from the Ministry of Health.
  • All age categories that are not subjected to vaccination.
  • Kuwaiti students who are studying abroad must first get a vaccination of at least one dose. They should also submit proof that they are studying abroad and their proof of vaccination as well.
  • An accredited diplomatic mission to the State of Kuwait.

Furthermore, it is also mandated that no passengers will be allowed onboard flights going to Kuwait without registering at the Kuwaitmosafer app/website.

The quarantine will also be imposed on travelers under these categories;

Passengers who have recovered from COVID-19 and already passed the 90 days recovery period.

Passengers who had a single dose of vaccine and had it for the past two weeks.

Source Arabtimes 

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