Kuwait and Philippines Virtual Meeting

As a response to the crisis that has erupted over the Filipino workers’ adherence to labor shelters set up by their embassy, a move Kuwait deems illegal, the two countries are preparing for virtual meetings through the “Zoom program.” Sources have confirmed that the discussions are aimed at finding a solution, possibly by revisiting the terms of the bilateral agreement between Kuwait and the Philippines.

The Manila Embassy’s justifications for the establishment of shelters are effectively eliminated by the proposed solution. Abdulaziz Al-Ali shared his insights with Al-Jarida. He revealed that the Kuwaiti Union of Domestic Workers Recruitment Offices’ delegation met with Filipino officials.

Al-Ali said that the Philippine Minister for Migrant Forces was focused on the finalization of the Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries to optimize recruitment. Al-Ali emphasized the urgent need to resolve this issue quickly, especially with Ramadan approaching.

A Kuwaiti Union delegation visited the Ministry of Migrant Labor, EDSA Region, in the Philippines based on an invitation. Meetings were held with the Philippine Minister and the Acting Migrant Forces Minister. The Kuwaiti Union provided an update on the bilateral talks between officials from both countries about the resumed recruitment of domestic workers.

Al-Ali praised the positive and fruitful nature of these meetings and highlighted the collaboration between the Kuwaiti Federation and the Filipino Federation. The Minister expressed his gratitude for the efforts made by the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry, and the Public Authority for Manpower. He also expressed confidence that an optimal solution would be found for the recruitment process.

Al-Ali highlighted the importance of Filipino workers. He noted that they are preferred by Kuwaiti and expatriate households due to factors like ease of communication, good education, and familiarity of community customs. The visit was intended to streamline recruitment, especially as Ramadan nears.

The meeting ended with a focus on the strong relationship between the two nations and the expectation of a soon-to-be-signed memorandum. This memorandum is intended to streamline recruitment procedures and eliminate the challenges that both countries face in this critical area. 

Source Arabtimes 

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