Belsalamah Platform Offers New Conditions When Refunding of Fees For Domestic Workers, Kuwaitis

For domestic workers and Kuwaiti citizens, there is a specific procedure at the Belsalamah platform that lets them get a refund on fees after their signed in for a new contract at a domestic labor recruitment office. The platform stated several procedures for the funds to be refunded to you with the maximum KD490.

If the sponsor changes his mind and cancels the recruitment of the domestic worker, an application must be submitted online. After that, you must contact the National Aviation Services (NAS) customer service.

There will be no service fee if the refund for PCR test fees is asked for right before conducting the first PCR test.

The amount of the refund varies based on the phase that the recruitment has already accomplished when the refund was requested.

If the recruitment is canceled or changes in the date of reporting are observed because of a positive PCR test, the total amount will get deducted by 10 percent. This amount will be sent to the sponsor because he will have to shoulder the payment for the PCR test as well as the Muna transaction fees.

For canceled flights of Jazeera Airways and Kuwait Airways Corporation within 72 hours, the airline should not ask rebooking fees from the passenger. Meanwhile, NAS will shoulder the cost of the flights are canceled due to unavoidable circumstances.

Source Arabtimes

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