Visit Visas For Foreigners, Yet To Be Allowed in Kuwait

Starting August 1, all expats with valid residence visas can enter Kuwait as long as they are fully vaccinated with 2 doses of vaccines approved by Kuwait’s health department.

As of the moment, there are no decisions regarding the issuance of visit visas upon arrival at the Kuwait airport, either by sea or by land. According to sources, European passport holders and other countries will still be prevented from entering the country by only possessing Family or Tourist visas.

More than 400,000 expats bound to Kuwait are yet to board their flights because Kuwait requires expats returning to the country to have two doses of vaccine approved by the Health Department. These vaccines include Moderna, Oxford, Pfizer, and Johnson. These types of vaccines are hard to receive in several countries, which in turn hinders their return to Kuwait.

Furthermore, the Corona Emergency Committee is yet to issue any form of memorandum to ports and residence affairs with regards to the opening of visas to foreign nationals who are interested in visiting Kuwait.

Source Arabtimes

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