Update: Legal Measures To Be Filed on The Asian Woman and Arab Man After They Were Filmed Fighting in Public

A video of a man and woman in Kuwait went viral online after they were caught fighting in the public.

It was later confirmed by the Ministry of Interior that the video was legit and a commotion happened in Hawally governorate between an Arab man and an Asian woman.

In the video, the man and woman were seen fighting over something which was not specified. The woman tried to get the mobile phone from the man’s hand but failed even after a couple of attempts.

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After a while, their confrontation resulted to assault when the man hit the woman and she bumped her head into the handle of the door.

According to the police, there was no complaint filed by both parties. However, the people seen fighting in the clip will be facing legal action over the incident.

Meanwhile, the names of the people involved were not released to the public. But those who knew them can surely identify their identification because their faces are clearly captured in the video.

Source Arab times

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