Kuwait Denies Entry of Expats Not Following New Entry Protocol

DENIED ENTRY – Some expatriates were not allowed to enter Kuwait after they failed to follow the new travel procedure of the country.

During the first day when expats were once again allowed entry in Kuwait, there are a lot of expats who were sent back to their home countries, particularly in London.

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According to reports, some expats from London who already had two doses of approved vaccines were still not allowed entry because of their status on the Immune app. It turns out that on the Immune app, their status was still not ‘green’.

The new travel procedure mandates travelers entering Kuwait to upload their vaccine certificate on the Ministry of Health portal for verification. They will have to wait for the approval and once approve, a green-colored status will appear on the Immune app. That’s the time they can travel to Kuwait and they will be allowed entry. Travelers are also obliged to register at the Shlonak app as well as the Kuwait Musafer platform before their flights to Kuwait.

Source Al Qabas

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