Ove 500 Arrested Kuwait Authorities Intensifies Its Effort To Arrest Law Violators

Kuwait has intensified its efforts to crack down on violators after authorities arrested 200 people in Jahra Governorate and Farwaniya.

The security directorate in Farwaniya launched a wide-scale crackdown in areas like Industrial Ardiya, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Rai, Friday Market, Farwaniya, and Khaitan. Although there were no official announcements as to the exact number of arrested individuals, the local reports stated that there are about 200 residency law violators as well as domestic workers who are working in markets and loose laborers who were arrested in the crackdown.

Additionally, the same campaign took place in the Jahra governorate where there are more than 50 violators who are arrested.

It is said that the crackdowns will push through “until security is established in the entire country and residency law violators are deported.”

Government agencies such as the environment authority, the Interior Ministry, the Manpower authority, and the fire force personnel became part of the said crackdown.

It was also reported that 118 violators were arrested in Hawally, 64 residency violators were arrested in the Fahaheel Industrial area and 8 juveniles were arrested in the same area. A similar activity was also carried out by the authorities in Kuwait in Bneid Al-Qar and they were able to arrest 96 violators. During the weekend, 17 people were also arrested by the Capital Governorate police at the Jaber Al-Ahmad area.

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