Kuwait Allows Visit Visas and Family Visas To 53 Countries

As the country eases its travel restrictions, family visas and visit visas are now being allowed for 53 countries as long as they are fully vaccinated with approved vaccines.

The Ministry of Interior and Public Authority of Manpower confirmed that they are starting to issue all types of visas to those who want to enter Kuwait under a family visa or visit visa as long as they can adhere to the rules which are set by Kuwait’s health authorities.

In the new condition set by the government, commercial visas, family visas, tourist visas, and government visa holders must be immunized with approved COVID-19 vaccines such as;

  • Johnson & Johnson vaccine – 1 dose
  • Moderna vaccine – 2 doses
  • AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine – 2 doses
  • Pfizer Biontech vaccine – 2 doses

To prove that you are fully vaccinated with these vaccines, you need to provide a certificate confirming that you are fully vaccinated before a visa will be issued to you.

For Family Visa

This visa can be issued to wives and children that are under 16 years old. The salary conditions (KD500) are still applicable and must be stated on the work permit.

Commercial Visit Visa

This visa can be issued for all types of activities under the discretion of the department’s director.

Government Visit Visa

This visa can be issued to all government agencies and ministries.

Electronic Visa

This visa is allowed to be issued for;

  • Kuwaiti embassies abroad
  • Residents of GCC countries holding a specific profession
  • Nationals coming from the 53 countries approved by the Kuwaiti government.
  • Hotels and companies that are registered under the automated system according to the procedures mandated by the Special Services Department.

Source Arabtimes

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