Prices For Air Tickets to SOME Destinations Lowered To 50%

As the Christmas season nears, expatriates in Kuwait are finding ways to return to their home countries to celebrate this joyous season with their loved ones. Fortunately, compared to the previous months, air tickets to selected destination has dropped to over 50% as the Kuwait International Airport takes back into a full capacity operation.

A couple of travel offices and tourism previously implemented an increase in the prices of travel tickets because of the travel restrictions implemented in Kuwait, the same goes for the rest of the world due to COVID-19.

But recently, as the number of infected individuals was lowered down, more flights were integrated and the Kuwait International Airport is “fully prepared and ready to accommodate a large number of passengers at the Terminal T4.”

According to tourism expert Kamal Kabshah, the prices of airline tickets were decreased by 50% because of the lowered travel restrictions.

The decision of the Kuwait government to allow the full operation of the Kuwait International Airport greatly helped in the decrease of ticket prices to some destinations like Egypt, Turkey, Munich, and Paris by over 50%. However, some destinations like India, Dubai, London, Jeddah, and the Philippines remain to be high because of the increasing demands but limited direct flights.

Source Arabtimes

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