Kuwait Reduces Quarantine Period For Arriving Travelers

There will be a reduction of the quarantine period in Kuwait, as mandated by the Ministry of Health.

It is said that the new protocol will have 7 days of quarantine for the vaccinated while 10 days for those who are unvaccinated from COVID-19. Furthermore, individuals will be monitored through the Shlonak app.

This app will also include the monitoring of arriving travelers who are under home quarantine. Shlonak app is approved by the Ministry of Health, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, and the Ministry of Interior. Arriving individuals is also required to download the app.

Just as different countries around the world start to open their doors amidst the pandemic, another variant is starting to emerge. This variant is more contagious than the previous ones and spreads like wildfire. Although it is said that the Omicron variant produces mild symptoms, health officials are warning the people to always follow the health protocols and maintain social distancing to avoid contracting COVID-19. Those unnecessary travels must also be avoided as much as possible to avoid complications later on.

Image Credit to CGC Kuwait

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