Filipina Maid in Kuwait Steals Gold Jewelry Amounting To 400K

After stealing some gold from her sponsor, a Filipino in Kuwait tried to sell it and escape to the Philippines. However, her plans were busted when she couldn’t show invoices for the gold.

A Filipino maid landed in jail when she tried to sell gold that she had stolen from her Kuwaiti sponsor. She tried to leave the country with the stolen gold but was barred from the airport. The Filipino was asked to produce invoices for the gold before she could leave the country.

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Unable to produce such a receipt, the Filipina tried to sell it and failed once again because she couldn’t present a purchase invoice.

Meanwhile, her employer already informed the police that their Filipino maid disappeared from their residence and stolen some jewelry worth 2,500KD (PhP440,655). She also took her passport and aimed to return to the Philippines with the stolen jewelry.

The Filipina was arrested and was taken to Salwa police station.

Source: Arab times Kuwait 

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