Salary Cap For Family/Dependent Visa Sponsorship Raised To KD800

For those who will be sponsoring their family to Kuwait, the Ministry of Interior announced that there will be a raise on the salary ceiling from KD500 to KD800.

With the said decision, all expats holding Visa Article 17 and 18 (Private and Government) will be affected.

To sponsor a family or dependent, you must have a salary of KD800 and an original work permit or proof of income needs to be submitted. If you have additional income earned documents and proof will not be accommodated.

The said rule aims to control the demographic structure of Kuwait and only allows family members with high incomes to live in Kuwait. With this high income, it is evident that they can provide a satisfactory standard of living to their families and their wives will not have to search for jobs in the local market as it is already overcrowded.

All those who entered Kuwait recently under Article 22 for their children and wives will have to carry out this decision.

Source Arabtimes

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