Punishment Set To Those Who Fails To Report Cases of Domestic Violence

The Kuwaiti government has been making intense efforts to curb domestic violence or violence against women. Recently, a report has been submitted to the National Assembly to pass a law that will help put a stop to these kinds of violence against women.

According to the official reports, women and children are mostly subjected to abuse, as examined by the Forensic Medicine Department of the Ministry of Interior since 2020.

There were varying degrees of injuries acquired by the victims starting from cuts, and bruises to more severe cases like fractures and deep bruises on different parts of the body.

To address the phenomenon, authorities are thinking of establishing social support centers that are connected to the Ministry of Interior. This will be an effective working mechanism that will help curb the recurring problem.

Because of these violent cases against women, other social problems and concerns could arise such as an increase in divorce cases, an increase in the proportion of judicial disputes as well as an increase in crime rates. These things instances will generally harm children and women.

Last August 2020, the National Assembly issued a law that heightens the protection of women against domestic violence. According to the law, those who have witnessed or become aware of any violence against women and children can report it, otherwise, they will get subjected to penalties.

Source Arabtimes 

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