Filipina Molested by Fake Police in Kuwait

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) fell into the hands of kidnappers who appeared as fake policemen in Kuwait.

According to the victim, a person wearing traditional Kuwaiti clothes approached her and said that he is a detective. The perpetrator then tricked her by saying that she is wanted by the police and that she needs to go with him.

Scared that she actually committed a violation, the Filipina got into the car of the fake police and was taken to a remote place. The fake police then started to beat her then forced the woman to take off her clothes. The perpetrator then started to do sexual acts on her.

After that act, the Filipina was once again taken to the car and dumped into a yard. The suspect fled right away.

The victim was able to reach the nearest police station and reported the incident.

The police registered a case of sexual molestation and kidnapping following the report. It was handed over the to investigation department so the surveillance cameras in the area can be checked to verify the claims of the woman.

According to the sources, the detectives are pointing out more than one suspect on the incident. The victim, on the other hand, will have to undergo a medical examination.

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