Burned Female OFW Abandoned In A Desert in Kuwait, Says DMW

Overseas Filipino Worker in Kuwait suffered an unfortunate incident after she was slain by a minor Arab national.

The deceased OFW was identified as Jullebee Ranara, 35 years old, who worked as a domestic worker in Kuwait.

The public was rocked by the news that a corpse was found slain and burned in a desert last Sunday, January 22. It turns out that the corpse belongs to a Filipina who was also pregnant.

Image from /PNA and DMW

Authorities began the search for the prime suspect and evidence pointed out to a 17-year-old local citizen.

During the investigation, the suspect confessed to the crime but his motive remains unknown. It was also found out that the victim was pregnant and DNA samples matched those of the accused.

Meanwhile, DMW sent condolences to the family of the deceased OFW and promised justice as soon as possible.

Image from DMW

Migrant Workers Secretary Susan Ople spoke to the bereaved family and promised that they will also provide all the necessary support that they need to get through this tough time. DMW is closely eyeing the development of the case as they work alongside the Kuwaiti authorities.

Ople also urged the Kuwaiti government to provide a resolution to the case to bring justice to the victim and punish the perpetrator for the heinous crime he committed.

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