Kuwait Increases Biometric Fingerprinting but 400,000 Still Pending

According to a security source who spoke with Al-Rai, the Ministry of Interior is working diligently to complete the “biometric fingerprint” procedure by the deadline specified for both residents and citizens. The source confirmed that the currently designated centers for fingerprinting were deemed sufficient to accommodate all individuals and eliminated the need for expansion.

Around 400,000 people are still awaiting fingerprinting. The Ministry is committed to expediting the procedures by extending work hours and eliminating the need for more centers. It is committed to adhering strictly to the plan, which includes completing biometric fingerprinting for all individuals by May 31, marking the culmination three-month deadline that began in March.

The source clarified there are no technical problems with the appointment booking service via the “Sahel application”. The Information Systems Department worked with the Eid holiday period to improve the application.

The source stressed that domestic workers must book appointments themselves, without the involvement or sponsorship of sponsors, using either “My ID” (or “Sahel”) applications. This streamlines the process and ensures efficient handling of domestic staff appointments.

Source Arabtimes

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