Kuwait’s Visit Visas Set for Comeback Under New Conditions

Kuwait, a prominent Gulf nation, is poised to reestablish its visit visa program with revised conditions.

According to official sources, the Ministry of Interior will release new family visa requirements at the end of this year.

Family visas were halted more than a year ago as a result of ministerial directions to re-evaluate the mechanisms for their issuance and to establish new methods to prevent visitors from overstaying their permission.

According to sources, the new terms are expected to be announced in December.

“The new mechanism is almost ready and will be submitted to the Minister of Interior Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled in the coming period,” says a reliable source.

“It will include a granting a special card to the visitor and mandating the visitor gets health insurance, whether they are a son, daughter, or parent of a child older than 16 years old or a parent and their child.”

Visas will not be provided to a resident’s sibling or sister, according to reports. They also stated that the health insurance fee may be up to KD 500 and that the visit period could not exceed one month.

“Fees for issuing a visit visa could increase by 100 percent from what was applied in the past,” the sources further added.

The applicant must now guarantee that a visitor will leave the country soon after the visit time ends. If they do not depart, the resident who applied for their visa will be held legally responsible and face financial and administrative penalties, including being barred from issuing visit visas in the future, according to reports.

Source KuwaitTimes

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