Kuwaitis Negotiating Domestic Labor Recruitment with 15 Countries

Al-Qabas Daily reports that Durra Company for Domestic Labor Recruitment is in negotiations with 15 different countries for the purpose of sending domestic workers to Kuwait. The countries are Nepal, Ghana and Vietnam. They also include Uganda, Sierra Leone. Tanzania, Cameroon. Madagascar. Ivory Coast. Burundi. Zimbabwe. Papua Guinea. Mali. Rwanda in addition to Bangladesh. This daily received a copy of an official document stating that the company was waiting on approval from certain countries before beginning the recruitment process.

The company stated that it had contacted several recruitment agencies for domestic workers in the Republic of Sri Lanka following the events involving the Republic of the Philippines. The company stated that it has a lot of domestic workers available and that they can be requested through its website. The company also disclosed that it had held negotiations with the Department of Labor and Employment in the Philippines and met with the Assistant Labor Secretary there. During the meeting, an agreement to raise the number of agencies for each order to four was made. This will give each recruitment agency 100 domestic workers.

Previously, the Labor Law of the Philippines allowed the company to hire domestic workers from two different agencies. Each job order specified 50 domestic employees for each agency. The number of workers recruited will therefore increase about 200 percent in comparison to the prior method. This increase is for the benefit of Kuwaiti families.

Since September 2021 the company has been working to improve their revenues and restructure them. This resulted in a 54 percent decrease of its annual losses from KD409,000 to KD188,000. To make the process of recruitment easier for citizens, the company requested permission from the Consumer Cooperative Societies Union. A branch is set to open soon in Al-Salam Cooperative Society.

Source Arabtimes

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