Man Arrested After Tearing off His Wife’s Passport

The woman sent her husband to prison after he assaulted and tore her passport as she was about to leave the country via Philippine Airlines Terminal 1 bound for Kuwait.

The complainant Myren Detaro, a 31-year-old OFW from Roxas, Capiz said during the interview that her 35-year-old husband Jonard Banate likes to hurt Her, especially when He is drunk out of jealousy.

Onata also said that she was shocked when Banate, her husband, suddenly grabbed her at the airport. Banate broke her phone into pieces and took it. Banate also ripped up Onata’s passport and boarding card so that she couldn’t leave the country.

Onata said her flight to Kuwait is today at 1:00 pm. Her boss expects her to return to the office after her holiday.

The PNP and AVSEU assisted the OFW in approaching immigration at NAIA to see if he could still leave due to his torn passport. However, he is not allowed to use it because the passport is a government document. There is also a penalty associated with the destruction of the document.

They are still trying to get her luggage because she had already checked in at NAIA Terminal 1 before her husband tore her passport and boarding card.

Source : Tribune

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