Kuwait Amnesty for Visa Violators Before 2020.

The Ministry of Interior has recently issued Ministerial Resolution No. 26/2024, aiming to provide an avenue for ex-pats who violated residency law before 2020 to rectify their status by settling fines.

This directive comes in the wake of the annulment of Resolution No. 288/2020, which mandated the deporting of expats without a valid residence permit.

The official document summarizes the main points of the decision in the following way:

After a thorough review of Decree-Law No. After a review of Decree-Law No.38/1980. The decision was made based on the proposal from the Undersecretary in charge of assignment.

The first article of the resolution declares that Resolution No.288/2020. Article Two gives the Undersecretary in Acting charge of executing and enforcing this decision.

The highest fines levied by the Ministry of Interior against violators are 600 dinars.

Source Arabtimes 

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